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New Shepard Street Public Mural Faces Removal

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Final Shepard St Mural 2015At the Starbucks store on the corner of Massachusetts Ave. and Shepard Street in there is a newly installed external mural. The mural depicts the Porter Square neighborhood and some prominent buildings along the Avenue, along with people, trees, and a stairway.

The mural was created as a collaboration between Starbucks, the neighborhood Arts on the Avenue committee, and students and a faculty artist associated with Lesley University’s College of Art and Design. Unfortunately, the mural is now in jeopardy of being painted over.

A petition has been created to help preserve the mural. Click here to sign the petition or learn more.

Addendum to original message:

Starbucks has been ordered by their landlord to paint over it. We are just now trying to figure out how this happened.

In the meantime, we, the neighborhood members of the Arts Committee for the Avenue and Lesley University’s School of Art & Design (which chose 2 fine arts students and a muralist/advisor to design and execute the mural at Starbucks request) are in fear that a year’s hard work and a welcome addition to public art on the Avenue will be lost to all of us.

We are in contact with Jason Weeks at the Cambridge Arts Council and several of our city councillors and the mayor. We are asking for a stay of action and a chance for all parties (including us, the “third party” to all of this) to sit down and discuss how to save the artwork, face to face.

Ruth Ryals, Co-Chair
Art Committee for the Avenue

Stan Trecker
Dean Emeritus, Lesley University


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