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Reminder & Schedule: City Council Candidates’ Forum – Oct. 18, 6:30 PM

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City Council Candidates Forum
Wednesday, October 18
Lesley University Amphitheater
1815 Massachusetts Avenue

The doors will open at 6:15. Formal introductions start at 6:45. The three panels will begin at 7:00, 7:45, and 8:25.

The auditorium is on the second floor of University Hall. You get to it by way of the staircase in the south lobby. Lesley University has asked that there not be any extraneous “campaigning”, such as carrying signs, inside of University Hall.


Panel 1 – 7:00 PM: Devereux, Sutton, Siddiqui, Levy, Zondervan, Santos
Panel 2 – 7:45 PM: Carlone, Moree, Gebru, Tierney, Volmar, Simmons
Panel 3 – 8:25 PM: McGovern, Okamoto, Toomey, Sivongxay, Mallon, Musgrave


Alice Wolf will moderate and Susana Segat will keep time. CCTV will record and rebrodcast the proceedings.

Each panel will have two rounds. In the first round each candidate will be asked to present and justify (in three minutes) a specific proposal he or she expects to bring to the City Council, addressing an issue in one of the topic areas listed below. We seek to learn both what the candidates’ top priorities are, and whether they have a practical, actionable program for addressing them. If time permits we may ask a follow-up question.

In the second round each candidate will have two minutes to tell the audience what he or she brings to the City Council in terms of abilities, knowledge, priorities, and experience with consensus-building.

Topic Areas

  • Accountability: What mechanisms would you propose to hold city officials and developers accountable for their promises around development projects in the city? How should the city council insure that developers deliver what they promise, and that city ordinances are enforced?
  • Housing: What are the key issues with housing in Cambridge and how do you propose to address them?
  • Climate change: What specific actions would you take to ensure that the City has resilience in light of environmental changes and/or catastrophic weather?
  • Social safety net: What are the holes in our safety net and what would you propose to mend them?
  • Congestion: Specifically what would you do to improve the balance between the competing needs of drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and public transit users?

Steering Committee (Sponsors)

John Howard (PSNA)
Phoebe Sinclair (ANC)
Ruth Ryals (Ward 10)
Gary Dmytryk (ACN)
Richard Clarey (NCSC)
Susana Segat, time keeper
Alice Wolf, moderator

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