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Chandler Gallery Showcases Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Photography Students

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There is more to the art of photography than meets the eye. It’s a disciplined study of different techniques, concepts, and mechanisms carefully applied by the artist’s unique vision. It can be intense, but the AP Photography students at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School are up to the challenge. As juniors and seniors with years of analog and digital photography classes under their belts, their current endeavor is to amass a body of work that will prepare them for college-level courses. The next step in that process is to publicly share that work in an exhibit at the Chandler Gallery, on display through May 18.

“The courses building up to AP Photo are designed to lead students to a place where they are creative, committed, independent and have a strong desire to understand more about their own photographic process,” explains instructor Debi Milligan.

While the outcome varies from student to student, everyone began with the same assignment to complete three portfolios of high-quality work, yielding at least 24 images. According to Milligan, the guidelines were fairly simple: one portfolio focuses on a subject matter or concept, the second on demonstrating technical and conceptual knowledge, and the third a curated collection of their best work; the details are left up to the creativity and skills of the student photographer.

“This course is a great testimony to the value of focusing in on a student’s vision and voice and allowing exploration at the same time,” she says. “It’s a good way to learn to see one’s own work, the work of one’s peers, and it’s an excellent practice to learn how to find one’s place in the world and make a mark.”

“Photo Flow: Exhibit by CRLS AP Photography Students” is on display at the Chandler Gallery from April 30-May 18. The opening reception will be held on Thursday May 3, 5:30-7:30 pm.

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