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An Interview with Norman Lear
July 18, 2018 – 3:31 pm | Comments Off on An Interview with Norman Lear


Director, writer, and activist Norman Lear changed television. He broke barriers with his wit and intellect. At age 93, Lear continues to challenge us to press against our own small ways of thinking.

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Dehydration Can Happen to You
July 18, 2018 – 3:27 pm | Comments Off on Dehydration Can Happen to You
Dehydration Can Happen to You

The ability to recognize thirst can lessen as we age. You may feel lethargic and decide to take a nap instead of having a drink of water. Medications can impact how your body processes fluids. …

Computers and Sight Issues
July 18, 2018 – 3:21 pm | Comments Off on Computers and Sight Issues

There are a few things to keep in mind if diminishing eyesight is impacting your ability to use your computer. There are screen adjustments and low-vision aids that can help.

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Predictions About Growing Old
July 18, 2018 – 3:19 pm | Comments Off on Predictions About Growing Old
Predictions About Growing Old

With so many Americans aging there’s a lot of research and attention being paid to our demographic. Read on to learn about what some of the research is revealing and predicting.

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