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Mind Body Meditation

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Are you interested in the calming benefits of meditation? Would you like to approach aging with peace and acceptance, and increase your mental focus? Learn various meditation and relaxation practices that help you live a more positive life in this 8-week meditation series, presented by the Living Well Network. Designed for those ages 50+ to attain self-awareness and inner tranquility.

This class is closed to drop-ins. Participants must commit for the entire class series by October 22.

WHEN: October 15 to December 3, 2018, 1:30-2:30 PM WHERE: ANC Community Room, North Hall, 1651 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Cost: $30-60 (sliding scale) payable by the 2nd class.

Meditations and topics include

  • Breathing – to calm the mind and body and live now with acceptance.
  • Loving Kindness – to open the heart to self and others, to deal with grief.
  • Affirmation – to encourage a sense of self-worth.
  • What You Think Is How You Feel / Challenging Negative Thoughts – to stress the positive, to calm the racing mind, to accept self and others.
  • Body Scan – to feel the energy of the mind/body, to manage physical pain, to ease anxiety, to feel alive.
  • Imagery and Light – to brighten and open the mind/body.
  • Protective Shield / Grounding – to rise above anxiety and fear, especially in social situations and in public.
  • Using the mind/body to cope with mental and physical difficulties.
  • Mini relaxation/meditation exercises to be done anywhere, any time

About our teacher:

John Mercuri-Dooley has 30 years of experience meditating and studying meditation practices. He trained at the Mind Body Program for Successful Aging at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine. He developed his meditation program with older adults in mind to acknowledge and honor the unique experiences of aging.


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