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Hours of Operation
ABC Office: 9:00 am-5:30 pm

Agassiz Baldwin Community
Agassiz Baldwin Afterschool (Kindergarten)
Sacramento Street Preschool
Maud Morgan Arts Administrative Office
20 Sacramento Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Maud Morgan Arts Center
20A Sacramento Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Agassiz Baldwin Afterschool (1-5th Grade)
Maria L. Baldwin School
28 Sacramento Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

North Hall Community Room
1651 Mass. Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

General Contact
Business Office: (617) 349-6287, Fax: (617) 497-4388
Bookkeeping: (617) 349-6287 x16, bookkeeping@agassiz.org
Agassiz Baldwin Afterschool (Maria L. Baldwin School location): (617) 497-4284
North Hall Community Room: (617) 547-7102

Staff Contact
Administration and Finance
(617) 349-6287 x16, bookkeeping@agassiz.org

Micah Eglinton-Woods, Director of Marketing and Technology
(617) 349-6287 x19, mwoods@agassiz.org

Agassiz Baldwin Afterschool 1st-5th Grade Program
Adam Ciampi, School Age Site Director
(617) 497-4284, aciampi@agassiz.org 

Agassiz Baldwin Afterschool Kindergarten Program
Samantha Eaton, Early Education Site Director
(617) 349-6287 x14, seaton@agassiz.org

Agassiz Baldwin Children’s Programs (general)
Andrea Breen, Director of Children’s Programs
(617) 497-4284, abreen@agassiz.org

Ashley Yee, Children’s Programs Special Projects Manager
(617) 349-6287 x28, registration@agassiz.org

Agassiz Neighborhood Council
Phoebe Sinclair, Community Liaison
(617) 349-6287 x10, psinclair@agassiz.org

Fay Chandler Gallery
Boriana Kantcheva, Gallery Coordinator
(617) 349-6287 x20, bkantcheva@agassiz.org

Executive Director
Maria LaPage, Executive Director
(617) 349-6287 x17, mlapage@agassiz.org

Living Well Network
Kathy Dalton, Manager
(617) 349-6287 x21, kdalton@agassiz.org

Maud Morgan Arts
Cory Monro Shea, Director
(617) 349-6287 x15, cshea@agassiz.org

Valerie Mendez, Site Coordinator
(617) 349-6287 x29, vmendez@agassiz.org

Sacramento Street Preschool
Samantha Eaton, Early Education Site Director
(617) 349-6287 x14, seaton@agassiz.org

Phoebe Sinclair, Webmaster for Agassiz Baldwin Community & Maud Morgan Arts
(617) 349-6287 x10, psinclair@agassiz.org

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