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Kindergarten Afterschool Program

Licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). We are full for the 2017-2018 school year. Registration for the 2018-2019 school year will open May 1st, 2018. Contact registration@agassiz.org for more information.

Tuition Rates and Policies

Financial Aid

Our Program Agassiz Baldwin Kindergarten Afterschool Program is committed to providing programming for families who value creativity, culture and community as an important part of their children’s lives. Our program specializes in building community through creative explorations and our nurturing teachers are responsive to the unique stages of Kindergarten development and growth. The separate Kindergarten space and staff allow for an inclusive and safe environment. We welcome children from every school in Cambridge and Somerville as well as all other local communities.

Our Space The neighborhood location and large backyard are a perfect setting for cooperative games and imaginative play. This environment encourages individual expression and supports social relationships. Cambridge Public School (CPS) students in our program arrive from their schools via buses and are met at the Maria L. Baldwin School entrance by an afterschool staff member or are picked up from their Baldwin classroom. The students are then brought to the kindergarten program, which is located four houses down at 20 Sacramento Street.










Choice-based Activities After a long day at school, youth are welcomed with a healthy snack and have time to unwind. Youth then gather for meeting where the afternoon activities are discussed. Children choose two activities, called “Choices,” every afternoon which may include cooperative sports, games, science exploration, visual arts, dance, music, drama, writing, poetry and creative play. The teaching staff develop choices informed by the children’s interests as well as monthly themes. In order for our teachers to provide individualized attention we maintain a 1:13 teacher to student ratio.

Our Staff  The Agassiz Baldwin Afterschool teachers are nurturing individuals who are attentive to each child’s needs and dedicated to the program. The teaching team is led by Early Education Site Director, Samantha Eaton who is trained in early childhood education. Our teaching staff represent a diverse group of engaging and creative individuals with an array of interests and talents. All staff members are certified in First Aid and CPR.

Schedule Agassiz Baldwin Afterschool follows the CPS schedule. Download the daily schedule. Students arrive between 2-4pm and pick up is at 5:30pm.

Project Based Learning The Agassiz Baldwin Afterschool collaborates on long-term, interdisciplinary community projects. These projects are inspired and driven by children’s interests and natural curiosities. Project-Based Leaning immerses youth in valuable team-building, problem solving, and community engagement experiences. By going on neighborhood field trips, having special guests and collaborating with community partners, these projects evolve as youth explore the connections between different aspects of the project.

Each project culminates in an event that invites participation from families and friends to create an authentic community experience. This might be a gallery show, drama performance or our student-run restaurant “The Flying Zucchini Cafe.”

Ks perform at the Flying Zucchini Cafe










Special Offerings Our program has many features that make us unique as an afterschool. In addition to a variety of daily choices, Kindergarteners can explore specific subjects and art forms on a deeper level. Afterschool teachers offer Clubs which meet weekly and work on ongoing projects or delve deeper into the club topic.

Contact the Kindergarten Afterschool Program Questions?  Contact Samantha Eaton, Early Education Site Director, at (617) 349-6287 x14 or seaton@agassiz.org.

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