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Become A Member of The Living Well Network
Join our unique and friendly community that has been growing – one small program at a time. Become a member for a tax-deductible contribution of $75 per person or $125 per household. Your gift helps us strengthen and continue to create a self-sustaining community that utilizes the skills, talents, and generosity of its members to enhance the lives of elders.

General Information
Living Well Network (LWN), based on a grassroots, community development model, links seniors with people of all ages in a neighborhood-based social network. Network members will participate in programs and volunteer activities that celebrate their community as an exciting urban environment in which to age.

Programs and Services

LWN has an ever-evolving array of activities, events, and services, all of which depend on the skill and generosity of our community members. We are always looking for people willing to contribute their skills to perpetuate these programs.  Click here to read about our activities, events, and programs.  You can also visit our community calendar.

LWN was created as a way to apply the nation-wide “Aging in Place” social movement to the Agassiz community. This movement focuses on creating and sustaining a community in which the members can remain at home safely and comfortably through their retirement years. In order for LWN to thrive, community members should be willing to contribute their services as well as receive assistance from others.

LWN utilizes a directory of services entitled “Living Well: A Guide to Elder Services in Cambridge, 2nd Edition ” written by Kristina Snyder. Volunteer Access Coordinators, using the Living Well Guide, will work with residents on a one-on-one basis to help them access resources already available in the Cambridge/Somerville community.

LWN has received generous support from the Cambridge Agassiz Harvard Community, Culture, and Recreation (CAH) Fund, a grant fund that grew out of a collaboration between the Agassiz community and Harvard University.

Volunteer Opportunities Ted Live Carves
Volunteering provides an opportunity to give back and to gain new skills and experiences. Our ongoing programs include an intergenerational cooking series with afterschool students, helping out at Agassiz Baldwin and Maud Morgan Arts events, administrative office support, and working to develop a specific project or program of interest to you. Some other ways you can get involved include
the following:

Contact Us 
Of utmost importance to LWN is to provide the senior Cambridge community with the services it needs, so we would greatly appreciate your suggestions for this program. Local neighbors are hosting informal evening meetings in their homes to explain the program in more detail and to answer your questions.

If you are interested in attending a meeting, if you are interested in information on our program, or if you would like to be on our email (or regular mail) list, please be in touch with Phoebe Sinclair, Community Liaison at (617) 349-6287 x10 or psinclair@agassiz.org.

Living Well Guide
Download a copy of “Living Well: A Guide to Elder Services in Cambridge, 2nd Edition ,” by Kristina Snyder, to learn about all of the services that the city of Cambridge has to offer!


Living Well: A Guide to Elder Services in Cambridge, 2nd Edition

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