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Welcome to the Living Well Network

Fostering community and honoring individual experiences of aging in the Agassiz neighborhood and beyond, the Living Well Network is a grassroots-based program of the Agassiz Baldwin Community. It links adults age 55+ with a social network, activities, events, volunteer opportunities, and classes that enrich people’s lives. LWN advocates for Cambridge seniors and celebrates the many positive aspects of growing older. Created as a way to apply the nation-wide “Aging in Place” social movement to the Agassiz community, LWN nurtures healthy aging best-practices, and seeks to support people staying in their homes and neighborhoods as they age.

Join us on May 8 and May 22, 2018 for Your Dreams, Your Plans: Wealth Management. Click here for details

LWN Multi-Generational Clothing Swap on June 3rd! Click here for more information

LWN Community Update is a September through June weekly electronic newsletter featuring local events and activities, with coverage of a wide array of issues significant to the aging community. To sign up for LWN Update, include your full name, email address, and postal mail address please. Send an email here to sign up.

Mission Statement
The Living Well Network fosters a strong and engaged 55+ community so that residents continue to thrive as they age.


  • We promote aging in place
  • We promote life long learning
  • We promote physical, mental and social health
  • We promote connecting neighborhood elders to each other and to resources, programs and services.

Programs and Services

LWN has an ever-evolving array of activities, events, and services, all of which depend on the skill and generosity of our community members. Click here to read about some of our recent activities.  You can also visit our community calendar.

Volunteer Opportunities Ted Live Carves
We are always looking for people willing to contribute their enthusiasm and talents to help perpetuate our programs.  We offer a range of volunteer opportunities that help the community and help you to gain or sharpen your skills and experiences. Step up to to help at specific one-time events, or with ongoing programs. Some of the ways you can get involved include the following:

  • Problem-solve or teach in the Living Well Network Computer Lounge
  • Assist in Agassiz Baldwin Children’s Programs
  • Help with Chandler Gallery or Maud Morgan Arts art openings and other events
  • Join the Housing Task Force to advocate for more housing options for seniors in Cambridge
  • Teach kids international cooking in the after school program
  • Be part of the Backyard Block Party team
  • Offer your talents at intergenerational events
  • Organize a special event: potluck, swap, walking tour, bus trip, book group
  • Lead a neighborhood walk
  • Share a skill – technological, financial, artistic, environmental, culinary, or anything else you’d like!

Become A Member of the Living Well Network
Join our unique and friendly community. Become a member and support LWN for a tax-deductible contribution of $75 per person or $125 per household. Your gift helps us strengthen and continue to create a self-sustaining community that utilizes the skills, talents, and generosity of its members to enhance the lives of elders.

Living Well Guide
Download a copy of “Living Well: A Guide to Elder Services in Cambridge, 2nd Edition ,” by Kristina Snyder, to learn about all of the services that the city of Cambridge has to offer!

Thank You
The Living Well Network is grateful for the support from the Cambridge Agassiz Harvard Community, Culture, and Recreation (CAH) Fund, a grant fund that grew out of a collaboration between the Agassiz community and Harvard University. We also sincerely appreciate the many volunteers who offer hours of support to make LWN programming more robust.

Contact Us 
Of utmost importance to LWN is to provide the senior Cambridge community with the services it needs. We appreciate your suggestions. To give feedback or for more information click here to reach the LWN Coordinator.

Click on Downloads Below:

Living Well: A Guide to Elder Services in Cambridge, 2nd Edition

Aging in the Cambridge Community

Special Report Retirement Survey Summary 2006

Retirement Initiative News Fall 2006

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