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Tai Chi Class


LWN Tai Chi 
Classes are scheduled on Saturdays throughout 2017, including the Saturday following Thanksgiving, 11/25/17.

When: Mid-Level – Saturdays, 9:30-10:30 AM
Where: Lesley University Hall, Room 4-009, 1815 Mass. Ave

When: Beginning and all levels – Saturdays, 10:45-11:45 AM
Where: Lesley University Hall, Room 4-010, 1815 Mass. Ave

Check our calendar for updates to the schedule.

General Information
Tai Chi for Health and Balance will introduce participants to the deep bodywork of tai chi, encompassing targeted relaxation, posture and stance exercises, qigong, and selected techniques from classic tai chi practice. Exercises emphasize gentle stretching, core alignment and efficiencies of movement. The history and health benefits of tai chi is also discussed, and the practice modified for those with physical limitations.

Classes cost $10 (each). These are drop-in classes and there’s no need to sign up in advance. For more information contact Diane Martin, Living Well Network Coordinator dmartin@agassiz.org.

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General Information
Our tai chi class is taught by Jean Lukitsh, who studied with tai chi master Bow Sim Mark since 1978, and is an instructor at Mark’s school in Boston’s Chinatown.

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