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The Agassiz Baldwin Community is a place that nurtures individual growth and creativity, builds connections, and serves as a forum for community advocacy.
We believe in:

Welcoming and including everyone
Lifelong learning
Fostering a culture of creativity and cooperation

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New Maud Morgan Arts Blog
February 15, 2018 – 12:42 pm | Comments Off on New Maud Morgan Arts Blog
New Maud Morgan Arts Blog

We’re excited to announce the MMA blog! We’ll be posting information about classes, teachers, projects and more! Check out our first “Teacher Feature” which highlights Cicely Carew, who will be┬áco-teaching the Materials Lab for upcoming …

The Ignorance Project
February 14, 2018 – 3:40 pm | Comments Off on The Ignorance Project

Father and son team, Hans and Ola Rosling, have researched global ignorance – the things we think are true about the world that aren’t. They give an entertaining and informative Ted Talk on how the …

Sex and the Single Senior
February 14, 2018 – 3:38 pm | Comments Off on Sex and the Single Senior
Sex and the Single Senior

You probably already know that incidences of sexually transmitted diseases keep climbing among Americans age 45 and older. If you’re sexually active or just want to be, it pays in health dividends to understand safe …

Visiting Someone with Dementia
February 14, 2018 – 3:34 pm | Comments Off on Visiting Someone with Dementia
Visiting Someone with Dementia

Visiting a loved one that has dementia can be trying, amusing, emotional, and disturbing. And except for the later stages of dementia, it’s hard to predict what kind of visit you’ll have. Here are a …