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Agassiz Baldwin Community Board of Directors
Agassiz Baldwin Community (ABC) has an 8-10 person Board of Directors. Directors are elected for two-year terms. The Board consists of parents of children in the programs, neighborhood residents, members of the local business community, and other community members committed to the mission of the organization. Board positions include Co-Chairs, Treasurer, and Clerk, and many board members serve on permanent and ad-hoc committees.

A nominating committee submits a slate of nominees to the Board and to the Agassiz Neighborhood Council each April. The slate is approved in May at the Annual Meeting.

ABC has a dynamic and engaged board of community members from different backgrounds, representing a wide variety of fields. With wisdom and experience grounded in parenting, civic activism, finance, architecture, real estate, education, counseling, and law, they are deeply committed to the organizational mission and approach the work with creativity and enthusiasm.

Meet the Board
Board Members 2020

Andrea Walsh, Co-Chair

Sue Kriegsman, Co-Chair

Hull Fulweiler, Clerk

Michelle Morphew*, Treasurer

Board Directors:

Wendy Prellwitz

Allegra Fletcher

Lawrence Neeley*

Ellen Harkavy*

*Parent Representative

Agassiz Baldwin Community Advisory Committee 
Gretchen Adams
Joel Bard
Richard Barran
Stephanie Berk
Willie Bloomstein
Janet Burns
Anna Byrne
Larry Faye
Kate Frank
Jane Gottschalk
Richard Griffin
George Hein
Jennifer Lacroix
Ted Live
Cynthia Smith
Joan Squeri
Carol Weinhaus

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