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The Whistler, monthly newsletter of the Agassiz Neighborhood Council (ANC), keeps residents and Agassiz Baldwin Community program participants up to date on neighborhood news, programs, and events.  It features minutes from ANC community meetings as well as agendas for upcoming meetings. The Whistler editorial team includes: Phoebe Sinclair, Community Liaison and Editor; Jessica Leach, Scribe; Ashley Yee, Guest Writer & Proofreading.

Download The Whistler

The newsletter is available, September to June, by subscription as either a PDF document (free) or hardcopy (fee-based).  Free hardcopies of The Whistler are available in the community at the following locations:

Residents may also join our community email list to receive The Whistler as a PDF document as well as announcements, invitations, and bulletins on a variety of community issues, arts, and special events.

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Missed something in a previous edition?

Download issues back to September 2000 at the Whistler archive page.

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