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Program Staff

Perhaps the most important feature of our children’s programs is teaching staff who are caring and attentive, competent, and creative. The staff consists of full-time Site Directors and a talented group of  teachers —together a diverse collection of musicians, dancers, art educators, and more.

Program Leadership

Allegra Fletcher, Director of Children’s Programs she/ella Contact Allegra

Allegra Fletcher is an Afro Caribbean Latina artist, educator, and community facilitator. She holds her BA from Bryn Mawr College, her EdM from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and is currently completing her Masters of Theology at Boston University School of Theology. She began her journey with the fkaABC community in 2016 as a teacher before later site directing, and is thrilled to continue working as part of a team committed to providing vibrant children’s programming. Allegra loves to sing, craft, read, drink (and spill) tea, and is best known for her fuse bead earrings.

Evan Caldwell, 1st & 2nd Grade Site Director he/him/his Contact Evan

Evan is a teacher, writer, musician, and artist from Miami. He graduated from Bennington College where he studied community engagement through the arts with an emphasis on accessibility in theater. Evan is passionate about cooking, music, plants, dogs, and the power of silliness and kindness as educational tools!

Kelsey Chaplain, Maud Morgan Arts Site Director they/them/theirs Contact Kelsey

Kelsey Chaplain is a teacher and artist living in Allston. Currently, they are the Maud Morgan Arts Afterschool Site Director at ABC. They love working with young people, writing and painting with new people at the Boston Liberation Center, and cooking food for their loved ones. Gender liberation and community power are
central to their work, ideology, and struggle.

Liana Chow, 3rd-5th Grade Site Director she/her/hers Contact Liana

Raised with an ethic of advocacy rooted in the Asian American tradition, Liana Chow has been previously been active in ethnic studies organizing and Chinatown out-of-school-time programs. Liana’s most recent job was in anti-poverty energy services, and she is excited to be rejoining the educational space with a new nonprofits perspective. Aside from work, Liana likes to darn socks imperfectly and collaboratively throw dinner parties.

Laura Fusco, Kindergarten Site Director she/her/hers Contact Laura

Laura is a recent graduate from Lesley University with a BFA in photography and design minor. She comes from a mythical place called New Jersey but has recently moved to the Boston area with excitement to discover herself and her passions. Working with children and communities all her life, she is excited to continue growing her strengths in childcare. What started as an internship with Maud Morgan Arts has flourished into a position with the kindergarten team 5 days a week. When she’s not at ABC, you can find her swing dancing, cooking in the kitchen, watching a good movie or show, and playing some video games.

Sadun Yapa, Registration Coordinator he/him/his Contact Sadun

Sadun Yapa is originally from Sri Lanka and grew up in Italy. Sadun Yapa graduated in business administration and management. Sadun has always had a passion to work in the educational services sector. From a very young age, he has always tried to help others through various volunteer activities that take care of helping children with their homework. In his previous position, he worked at Hult International Business School as a learning assistant, where he ensured all students felt connected and part of one learning community. In his spare time, Sadun loves to travel, learn new languages, and get to know different cultures by exploring museums and various historical and archaeological sites.

Teaching Staff

Anjulina Etienne she/her/hers

Anjulina was born and raised in Cambridge MA, and her family comes from Haiti, which is a small country in the Caribbean. She is 18 years old and a freshman at Bunker Hill Community College majoring in Digital Marketing. Her favorite subject in school was always history. Her hobbies are drawing and painting, playing video games, watching movies/tv shows, and writing/reading.

Arpita Srivastava she/her/hers

Hello! My name is Arpita Srivastava and I am a visual artist, graphic designer, and a passionate advocate for disability inclusion in arts and culture. I have contributed to the outreach efforts of disability rights non-profit organizations in India. Additionally, I facilitated visual art workshops for elementary students in a public school and for adults with developmental disabilities to support their social-emotional well-being, creativity, collaboration, and motor skill development. Currently, I am working as a Teaching Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to support the master’s cohort in their learning journey. In my downtime, I enjoy going on walks, meeting friends, cleaning/de-cluttering my space, and resting!

Becky Sarah she/her/hers

Becky’s first job was as a teacher in a parent coop school for 3-11 year olds, where she focused on teaching reading. She later taught in several afterschools and preschools. She’s also a home birth midwife, Natural Childbirth teacher, Public Health program manager, and ESL teacher for adults. She has a B.S. in Child Development from the University of Wisconsin and a Master of Public Health from Boston University. Aside from work, she likes to garden, make things, mainly fiber crafts, and draw and paint, and work with other activists to stop climate change and protect the environment. She enjoys the company of young children, especially their conversation and their humor.

Caroline Ndiyae Piano Instructor she/her/hers

Caroline Ndiaye is a seasoned Music teacher and performer . She plays and teaches Piano, Saxophone and Drums. She got her BA from Antioch College in Music and Cultural Studies and then continued her studies at Berklee College of Music, and U.MASS Boston in Music Education. Caroline loves Salsa and African Music and she speaks French and Spanish. She has taught in the public schools of Newton, Boston and Cambridge since 2008, as well as private Daycare Centers and the LB Music School. She is super excited to meet the students, parents and teachers at the Baldwin after school Program and join the team!

Chris Ashley they/them/theirs

Hailing from Southern roots, Chris Ashley is a 22-year-old committed to abolition work, mindfulness, gratitude, curiosity-based learning, advocating for community building, and more. With a dedication to an herbalist education and intuitive cooking, they’re excited to bring their skillset to the Maria L. Baldwin Community Center as an Afterschool Teacher! In their free time, Chris enjoys creating and consuming art of all mediums, cooking any vegan food that their brain can imagine, and getting some fresh air or binging a new series when it’s too cold out.

Harper Dempsey she/her/hers

Harper Dempsey is a painter, illustrator and designer who has been working and studying in the Boston area for nearly 10 years. She grew up in a small town in New Hampshire before attending MassArt and graduating in 2018 with a BFA in Illustration, and then going on to do work in the city making murals and public art. She’s greatly looking forward to teaching and sharing her love of the arts, creativity, and the craft of art making. When she’s not making art Harper enjoys catching pokemon, taking care of her pet snail Bob, and playing dungeons and dragons with her lovely wife Laura.

Jules Wyse she/her/hers

Working in childcare for the last decade, Jules Wyse specializes in creative art projects for elementary school aged children. Jules’ passions are illustration, design and fostering the artistic creativity of all children!

Rainy Mao she/her/hers

Rainy Mao is an illustrator and visual artist. She also plays the piano and flute. In Beijing, China, she contributed as a flutist in the orchestra band for 3 years. Rainy is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Human Development and Education (HDE) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She previously earned her bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology and a minor in educational studies from UC San Diego. Beyond her academic pursuits, she is passionate about various forms of fine arts. She also enjoys engaging in activities such as singing, jogging, and cooking.

Romy Saint Hilaire she/her/hers

Romy is an artist based in Boston working at the intersections of museums and city planning. She is passionate about education, community engagement and civic engagement. Romy loves to make art, travel and cook for loved ones.

RoseLove Joseph she/her/hers

Before moving to this position here as an afterschool teacher, RoseLove was the youth program coordinator and group leader at Lena Park Community Center where she created enriching programs for both local and non-local underserved youth in the community that involved anything between arts, health and wellness, STEM, music and more! She was also their after school teacher during the school year where she created fun lesson plans, facilitated team building activities, and participated in all the fun! Working with children is one of RoseLove’s great passions and she’s happy to explore new ways to create the best environment for learning, playing, and creativity. She also has a three year old daughter who keeps her stimulated with vibrancy, so she’s constantly creating an atmosphere for her to expand and experiment. RoseLove believes that one of the best things is looking through the eyes of a child and being in wonder and awe of all the beautiful things this life could bring. And with that being said, she looks forward to learning and growing with your scholar!

Rebeckah Zora she/her/hers

Rebeckah has completed her class for her Bachelor’s degree in English, with a Drawing minor from the University of Massachusetts: Dartmouth in December of 2021 and is awaiting her diploma to come in the mail. Rebeckah has always enjoyed connecting with children, especially over creative pursuits and interests. Adding fuel to the dreams of the future fills her with joy and a sense of purpose. She has always found that asking children questions and listening intently goes a long way towards motivating kids to aspire to be whoever they want to be. Before joining our team, she worked and volunteered for many local children’s programs near her hometown of Wareham. These included serving her church’s Vacation Bible School as a Co-Craft Director and acting as a Junior Camp Counselor for a camp that she attended as a child. Her specialty lies primarily in the visual arts, like crafts, painting and drawing activities along with dabbling in the field of gardening. In her free time, she enjoys admiring nature, spending time with friends and family along with reading novels, comics and creating her own manga, a Japanese style comic series, which she plans to start as a web comic

Ruby Riley-Jackson she/they

Ruby is a 21 year old student from Somerville, MA, taking time off to explore mindful living and Buddhist practices. Her goal is to create a space for children where freedom of expression thrives and imaginations run wild. She plans to support the Maria L. Baldwin Community Center through inclusivity, creativity, and loving-kindness. In her free time, Ruby explores the outdoors, meditates, reads, listens to music, and paints.

Taylor Blackley she/her/hers

Taylor Blackley is a multimedia artist, creative director, filmmaker and journalist. She holds a Master’s in Journalism from Northeastern University as well as Bachelor’s from the University of Utah in Writing with minors in Design and Music. Her lifelong passion for all things creative has led her to explore diverse forms of expression in the visual and performance arts. She finds inspiration amid the authentic, the expressive, the collective, and the freedom to explore new possibilities.

Tovah Caron she/they

Tovah Caron is a third year women and gender studies major at Simmons University in Boston, MA. They are committed to political and social justice issues, focusing in on LGBTQ inequality. In their free time, Tovah loves cooking, music, art, and spending time with their friends and pets! Previously working with children and teens, she is so passionate about childcare and hopes to leave an impact on the children she works with. On any given weekend you can find Tovah at the Boston Common attracting attention as they feed healthy snacks to the wildlife, usually with a squirrel on each shoulder and a pigeon in each hand. She is unbelievably excited to work at the Maria Baldwin Community Center and spend time with the magnificent children and adults that this organization brings together!

Yuchi Jou she/her/hers

Yuchi Jou received her BFA in Art Education and Ceramics in 2021 from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Yuchi’s student teaching internship at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School taught her to believe that equity is essential to an inclusive and safe learning environment where children can express their own qualities of empathy and compassion. Her desire is also to help children connect to their artistic side and curiosity. In her art practice, her work uses a variety of hand build techniques with clay to explore concepts of female empowerment, memory, and identity. She also experiments with using mixed media with clay as tool to make conceptual abstract sculptures.


Margaret Furtado she/her/hers

Margaret Furtado (she/her) is a senior photography major and art therapy minor at Lesley University. Her work inspires others to go outside their comfort zones through her photography. She enjoys working with children to help improve their artistic skills and creative mindsets. Margaret is an aspiring artist with hopes that her work encourages viewers to create the work they desire.

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