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LWN 2022 – last year

If you had come to our building last year, you would have seen many young students sitting in front of a computer, outdoors under tents, or tucked into what used to be our gallery—depending on the weather. Their parents could not leave their jobs or work from home and were in critical need of someone to supervise their children in virtual school while they worked.

We showed up for them. We installed faster internet, bought tents, table, masks, school supplies, and provided adult supervision. We ran this way, operating ten hours a day for months. We served 30 children, more than half on scholarships; many paid nothing.

Why describe a program for children here?

The Living Well Network (LWN) does not stand on its own. We are part of a larger nonprofit organization, formerly known as the Agassiz Baldwin Community. All the LWN programs have been sustained in years past by the organization in partnership with our members.

The programs we run for children and our community have provided most of the funds for LWN. However, because of COVID’s impact this year and last, our organization is in need of financial help. We stepped up during COVID to provide many services for the community even as our revenues plummeted. This year, the Living Well Network especially needs your support to keep serving our community of adults 55 and up—and the greater community we serve.

Here are some of the ways we have stepped up for our community:

  • Kept the children we served during the school year engaged and safe during the summer in our Outback day camp
  • Delivering food boxes weekly to between 20-80 families in need for 20 months.
  • Building and sending at-home art boxes to community members to engage with the arts while we are virtual
  • Integrating the arts into everyday programs for children in our afterschool and summer programs
  • Publishing the bi-monthly neighborhood newsletter, The Whistler to keep residents of the Baldwin Community up to date on news that concerns the neighborhood
  • Co-sponsored the Porter Square Candidate’s forum with the Porter Square Neighborhood Association
  • Provided staff support to assist in community process that changed the neighborhood name from Agassiz to Baldwin
  • Co-sponsored Massachusetts Avenue clean-up day.

And the Living Well Network itself, how has it stepped up?

  • Sponsored two Living Well Sampler series to help residents Move,
    Connect, and Engage
  • Facilitate our bi-monthly book group on Aging and Ageism
  • Call a number of residents who requested periodic check-ins
  • Provide the community with information on and access to quality masks
  • Send our weekly newsletter of information and events to over 600 readers
  • Provide access to vetted snow removal services for members
  • Provide one on one technical assistance to members and
  • Assist anyone with using zoom to connect with others
  • Offer access to Meditation and Yoga classes online
  • Produced seminars on Downsizing and on Advance Legal Planning

Now won’t you Step up for us?


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