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LWN Snow Removal Program

General Information
The Living Well Network is pleased to offer vetted snow removal service for its members living in the Agassiz neighborhood and adjacent communities. Some geographic limits apply.  Insured contractors work with LWN to provide the neighborhood snow removal services that is based on YOUR usage and is billed directly to you.

Cost – it has become clear that although LWN would like to offer a reduced group rate for snow removal, there are too many challenges for contractors to charge a reduced rate. These challenges include:
 – narrow streets with few places to put snow
 – requirements that are unique to each client
 – specific requests that are beyond the scope of commonly offered services (like clearing cars parked on the street)
 – we use only snow removal contractors who carry proof of up-to-date insurance 
Although it may seem that contractors must deal with these differences all the time, many snow removers don’t service urban neighborhoods like the Agassiz, instead focusing exclusively on businesses, housing developments, and suburban homes. The challenges of residential snow removal in Cambridge, coupled with the on-demand labor requirements, mean that you are most likely going to spend more than you would like to on snow removal.

DEADLINE for the 2020–2021 season will be announced here.

This Snow Removal Program is available to Living Well Members only living in and around the Agassiz Neighborhood. 

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