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LWN Snow Removal Program

General Information
The Living Well Network is pleased to offer vetted snow removal service for our members living in the Baldwin neighborhood and adjacent communities*.  Insured contractors work with LWN to provide the neighborhood snow removal services that is based on YOUR usage and is billed directly to you. We use only snow removal contractors who carry proof of up-to-date insurance.

To Participate in the LWN Snow Removal program you must:

  • Be a LWN member in good standing
  • Be age 55+
  • Live in the property you want plowed and shoveled
  • Live within our geographical boundary*
  • Live in a single family residence (in some cases, at our discretion exceptions can be made for small properties where all owners participate.)

*Our boundary is the Baldwin neighborhood and that part of Neighborhood Nine that is within five blocks of Massachusetts Avenue. The Living Well Network reserves the right to refuse participation in the LWN Snow Removal Program for any reason.

Become a Member of LWN
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DEADLINE for the 2023–2024 season is Tuesday, Oct 31.

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