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Neighborhood Development & Projects

Neighborhood Name Change Process
While working on a class project on her neighborhood’s namesake, Maya Counter (who was a CRLS student at the time and is now a first year student at Harvard University) discovered that Louis Agassiz’s theories on polygenism are rooted in white supremacy. With this knowledge, Maya proposed renaming the neighborhood, first posting on the social media app NextDoor and then bringing the issue to the Agassiz Neighborhood Council in January 2020. Since Maya presented this proposal to Cambridge City Council, she and ANC representatives have worked with the City to create a process for renaming the neighborhood. Thus far, this process has included virtual discussions and a digital library that will provide context for an upcoming survey.

Next Steps

  • January-February 2021 – Continue to collect submissions, including additional name suggestions, for digital “context library” of reactions, ideas, art, and resources. The deadline to suggest a name and submit to the context library was February 22, 2021
  • Early March 2021 – Flyer neighborhood and invite all residents to view digital library and complete a survey about the name
  • Mid-March 2021 – Process survey results and report back to ANC and Cambridge City Council
  • April 13, 2021 – Discuss survey results at Agassiz Neighborhood Council Meeting – RSVP here

Get Involved
Join us at our next ANC Meeting to participate in the discussion and learn about the results from the March survey.

Catch up with what has occurred thus far by downloading selected Whistler newsletters, slide decks presented at recent ANC Meetings, and the flyer (distributed by interns from Cambridge Community Development.)

Sacramento Field Renovation
Between 2015 and the fall of 2016, ANC and the City of Cambridge hosted numerous meetings and discussions regarding renovations to Sacramento Field, a playing field and community space located on Sacramento Street, adjacent to Riverside Health/The Guidance Center and the Sacramento Street Community Garden. Frequent users and stakeholders, including abutters, neighbors, the Maria L. Baldwin School community, Agassiz Baldwin Community, and plot-holders in the Sacramento Street Community Garden engaged with Cambridge City staff and the City Manager’s office to discuss desires for the field and work through issues. The information below comprises some of those discussions. Additional information can be found on the City of Cambridge website.



City of Cambridge Update March 2017


The Whistler Newsletter

November/December 2016 – See pages 2-11

October 2016 – See pages 1-5

June-September 2016 – See pages 2-4

May 2016 – See pages 3-4

October 2015 – See page 3

February 2014 – Mention of Community Preservation Act Funds on page 1

Sacramento Field Eminent Domain Deed March 31 1980

More Information About Sacramento Field
More information is available on the City of Cambridge’s website:

Department of Public Works project page: bit.ly/dpw_sacramento_fld

Cambridge Community Development project page: www.cambridgema.gov/CDD/Projects/Parks/sacramentofield

Other Resources
Cambridge has a number of Boards and Commissions that cover many issues and topics. Some offer email updates. Click to see a list of Cambridge City Boards and Commissions.

coUrbanize is an online platform that features information about real estate development and urban planning projects. Some developers and planners use coUrbanize or similar platforms to post information and host online conversations about their plans with community members. Click to read about nearby projects in Cambridge.

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